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Moonbeam... is the first children's book conceived, developed, written, illustrated and published by IDream Publications. IDream was founded by Sukumar Reddy in 2004 to fulfill his life-long dream of creating children's books to enrich a child’s experience with positive stories containing morals of universal acceptance. IDream is therefore dedicated to the principal of “Help someone make a child’s life better.”

For thousands of years in cultures around the world storytellers have crafted and passed on their society’s social, religious and moral traditions through stories with lessons and examples of value and purpose. These lessons and ideals have been conveyed in song, visual art and poetry to be sure, but also by spoken narrative, proverb, parable, short story and novel. The medium by which they are conveyed is varied but the impact is the same.

The best of these stories – especially children’s stories – convey through their narrative the morals and values that are fundamental to any ordered culture or society. The lessons may be patently physical and literal but more often they are emotional and figurative, allowing the stories to reside within and re-teach the child as he or she develops and grows to maturity. One simply cannot teach a child about challenges of the spirit, strength of body or mind, the virtues of truth, perseverance, endurance, compassion and love merely by lecture. Children, indeed humans of all kinds, learn by example. Love, respect and compassion for our fellow creatures, human and non-human, must be carefully taught.

In the stories published by IDream the lessons are collectively carried by the scenery, the characters, their points of view, their inner thoughts and feelings, their conversations, their actions and their interactions with each other as well as with the world around them. For those of us who have grown up with the lessons of universal truths these stories have a familiar feel yet they are refreshing and unique.

A story that is interesting and engaging also carries a ring of truth that captures our attention and holds it long enough to make us see it through to the end. We embrace these stories as children and they become part of the lessons and legacy of a generation; for we learn from the stories that we take to our hearts.

We hope that all of our children’s books will help you make your child’s life better.
Author: Dr. G. Sivakumar
Illustrator: N. Karunakar
ISBN: 0-9763596-0-X
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